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Vidhyutam is an innovative EV Charging point management software that was conceptualized by a Nimblechapps who felt the need to streamline the process of managing charging stations remotely. With the growing popularity of electric vehicles, there was a clear need for a solution that could help businesses and individuals manage their charging stations more efficiently.
We realized that managing multiple charging points could be a time-consuming and cumbersome process, and that there was a real need for a software solution that could simplify the process and make it more user-friendly. This led to the development of Vidhyutam, a powerful and easy-to-use EV CPMS that makes it easy to manage charging stations remotely.
Vidhyutam is the perfect solution for businesses and individuals who are looking to streamline their EV charging process and manage their charging stations more efficiently. Whether you’re managing a large fleet of electric vehicles or simply need a charging station for personal use, Vidhyutam can help you get the most out of your charging infrastructure.


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It’s easy to launch your charging network with our ready-to-use software platform. You just need to upload your logo, select the color scheme of your choice and link your Bank accounts, and you are ready to go live. Why would you rather build your own app?

Reducing CO2 emission by manufacturing

Depending on your revenue strategy, set variable or fixed rates. Additionally, you can alter the pricing according to kWh usage and time charged or have differential pricing for specific days in a week. You also have the option of allowing or disallowing the pre-booking of charging slots and set the pre-booking and cancellation fees.

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With the CMP, you can monitor, control and troubleshoot all the chargers in your network via any web browser. Alongside this, you can also get insights about your charging network, customer activity, charging sessions, etc, to make informed business decisions.

Industry leading standard compliants

Vidhyutam is flexible to work with any hardware of your choice. The CMS is compliant with OCPP 1.6, OCPP 2.0, and OCPP 2.01, which allows it to communicate with virtually any modern charging station hardware. This makes the platform truly hardware agnostic.

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