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Discover the Future of Electric Mobility Management

Connect and control all your EV chargers to Vidhyutam CSMS and get access to features like EVSE Models, Connectors, Stations, Energy Usage, Revenue and many more.

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How it work

Connect any OCPP compliant charger

Empower your charging infrastructure by easily connecting any OCPP-enabled EV charger for streamlined management.

  1. Add your EVSE model
  2. Add your connectors
  3. Create a station with your EVSE Model and Connectors
  4. Configure connectors as per your requirement
  5. Set Tariff per connector
  6. Connector wise revenue report
  7. Dynamic Load Management
  8. Station wise logs for Analytics


What Vidhyutam CPMS offers?

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Connect & Monitor

Connect any OCPP-compliant EV charger. Status monitoring 24/7.
Location Group

Group your charges by Locations monitor data with an ease.
Business Group

See how each locations are performing and its revenue.
Data driven Dashboard

See how your business is performing and visualize your EV charging data.
Configure your connectors

Set configuration of each connectors and set dynamic load balancer.

Get power-full tariff management with flat and variable tariff plans for each connectors.

Accept all major cards and UPI with secure and PCI compliant.

Automatic reports for Admin, Business and Locations
Manage users

Add Business managers, Location Managers and fleet owners.
Dynamic Load Balancer

Sophisticated energy management and dynamic load balancing capabilities.
Stay up to date

Get latest updates about Firmware, Vidhyutam CPMS and Customer App.
Support 24/7

Raise a ticket and get technical help within few hours.

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